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um... different version of same story

one of these news entries is wrong.
the one i posted prior to this one said 2 tanks
this one is 4.

newspapers. so unreliable.

Man arrested after 6-hour standoff in Nottingham

August 21, 2006

NOTTINGHAM, N.H. --Authorities closed a 2 1/4-mile stretch of Route 4 for much of Monday after a man barricaded himself inside his home during a police standoff, threatening to ignite several large propane tanks inside, police said.

Several residents were evacuated. No one was hurt and police peacefully negotiated the arrest during over four hours of phone conversations. It was unclear whether anyone else was inside the house.

A state police tactical team entered the home of Lawrence Beam, 45, about 2:15 p.m. Beam was taken to Exeter Hospital for a psychological evaluation, said state police, who plan to charge him with felony reckless conduct.

Foster's Daily Democrat reported that Beam had barricaded himself inside with four 100-pound propane tanks under threats he would detonate the tanks at 5 p.m. unless he received a nationally televised apology from a district court judge, two police chiefs and a police sergeant.

Police would not say who the judge or officers were, but said Beam has had "a long-standing disdain for local law enforcement and the local court," Lt. Robert Quinn of the New Hampshire State Police said in a news release.

Route 4 remained closed for over six hours, snarling traffic for Seacoast traffic headed toward Concord.
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