"What is everybody's business is nobody's business — except the journalist's."

Joseph Pulitzer, Hungarian-born American newspaper

Politics? Celebrities? Yep; I've Got The News
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created on february 16, 2006

here's the place for news about.. politics, celebrities, television shows.. anything that you'd find interesting about the famous world that we don't live in :] includes articles.. pictures.. VIDEO CLIPS. and the source in which i find them. along with my opinion and thoughts italicized. feel free to post and contribuite.

okay did you hear about what happened with katie and tom?
omg did george w. bush really say that?
you've come to the right place

hi i'm nikky raney
i am an avid watcher of the news; reading newspapers
i read all the magazines. and i go to all the blogs about celebrity gossip. i am going to be a journalist when i grow up. and i love you guys. so i am here to post all the things i can about things that will interest you. not just celebrity gossip. but worldly news. about everything. and anything. you may also contribuite. but if you wanna know something. here's the place to be, ♥

when i grow up. i am going to write for newsweek
and maybe do even more ;]

i used to do modeling. i went to barbizon modeling school
all that fun girly stuff yadda. but it just wasn't for me
i quit modeling to become a journalist and that's a really
big deal to me. i want to be known for my brain and my
mind. and no longer for my looks. i don't want to have
to rely on my looks to get me through life. so i hope you
can take me seriously and realize not all models [or former models] are stupid.

i always watch the colbert report and daily show
they make me happy and laugh.
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please join the fun :]

hmm so most communities have rules?
okay well.. join so you can read.
comment as much as you like,
don't be afraid to voice your opinion
ask questions. post if you'd like.
make sure you state your sources.
and enjoy yourself ♥
celebrity bashing is fine, i don't care.

--i enjoy comments--